Tuesday, March 30, 2010

we have a competition and a yahoo group called

Join our yahoo group !

Group Title: ElginParkinside
Description: This site is inspired by Elgin Park and continues the theme with dolls and interiors of the miniature houses in the village.

There are all sorts of things relating to miniatures, photography, art, stage, construction as well as creating props and sets.

PUT YOUR OWN MINIATURE INTO OUR PICTURE! Use our picture and manipulate it by layering your mini into it using FREE GIMP, or your own software.

JOIN OUR COMPETITION! IT's FREE! and Yes, there will be a mini prize awarded! Ist comp to close June 30th, next one Sept 30th - every 3 months.

If you wish to use your own pic, you must give all members permission to use and manipulate, and put it up in a photo album there, and tagg with the group name.

The idea is to have about 10 pics to manipulate as a standard view.

You are invited to contribute, participate and enthuse others.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Elgin Park is a virual village and we are the dolls inside..

Elgin Park is a virtual village create by Michael Paul Smith in the USA. He photographs his 1:24 model cars against a photo background. He has had more than 10 million hits on flickr.com
Here is an article about him.

this is his original site,
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ go to 24796741 at N05/
and the above article is about Michael model village called Elgin park, which he creates in his tiny packed apartment in Winchester, Mass. USA

.. but the real story is that flickr fans have created a group and promoted
it..taken his photos and added people etc. You will now see the web of links that will then virtually link all these tagged photos. ..maximising their chances of other people looking at their sites. This is how you get more traffic, when building your business. Unfortunately it is also about Elgin Park almost being highjacked.
I've written to Michael Paul Smith as a like minded individual and asked for a reciprocal link. I am linking to my site Htpp://Dollshousedolls.blogspot.com and hope to develop this site jointly.
Miniatures are a wonderful absorbing interest and Photography and the internet means we can share our creativity.